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Our Services

Our Services

Reed’s Manor will operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with 2 staff available 24 hours on shifting schedules. The facility has been developed to provide a homelike residential environment, which will provide the maximum comfortable accommodations for the residents. Every individual admitted to the facility will be screened to ensure he/she is compatible with the current resident population. Since the functional level of the individuals admitted would evolve overtime, the facility will provide an environment in which residents can “age in place”. We provide care for people who are elderly, physically disable, loss of memory, hospice and respite care,etc.

Services Offered
Medication Management and Administration. Prescription medications will be administered in accordance with the physician’s orders. All centrally stored medications will be kept locked. Medication emergencies will be handled immediately by calling 911, then calling the family or other responsible party as well as the personal physician. There will be a designated care provider on each shift who will be required to the calling as needed.
Nutritious Meals served in an elegant dining area. Residents who are on special diet will be served according to her needs. Snacks are also served in between meals.
Assistance with Activities of Daily Living. Shower, grooming, laundry, housekeeping, change of beddings 2 times a week or when needed, personal care, transportation to and from Doctor’s appointment, shopping, etc.
Activities. Reed’s Manor believes that each person should be allowed to choose how he or she wants to participate in the activities scheduled. These decisions should be reached through individual consultations or group discussions. Both indoor and outdoor activities will be available to meet their needs. The facility is equipped with appropriate board games, cards, gardening tools, television, etc. that would make them socialize with other residents and develop and maintain their strength and range of motion. Family visits are also encouraged and family members will also be encourage to participate in the activities of the facility.
Visitation. Family members are allowed to visit at the facility from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm everyday.